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                                      About me...
I have been playing drums professionally for over 30 years and am currently touring with several succesful shows including Liza Ohlback Band, 
'Pearl - The Janis Joplin Show' and The Stevie Wright Show.
A highlight of my career was playing with Julian Lennon on The Midday Show.
I haven't studied music at a tertiary level but I have studied musicians and, as a young teenager with a thirst for recording and equipped with a "good ear", I learned how they constructed songs and the musical parts. I assembled basic recording facilities, from casstte tape machines to 4 Track Reel-to-Reels and soon was sought after to record demo's for my friends and their bands.

        In the mid 80's I ran a recording studio on Sydney's North Shore, recording many local bands including pre-production for the band 'Moving Pictures'. In 2009 Liza and I recorded our first album called "Trouble Goin' Down" and it received 3 Chain Awards, which are conducted through the Australian Blues association. Liza won 2 for her vocal performance and we also won Producers of the Year for the album. Liza and I have just released our new album "Give You Hell" and it is sitting at No. 3 on the Australian AMRAP charts.