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I have been recording for over 40 years and am presently running a studio space called 'Red Cave Productions'.
   I use the Windows based SONAR X3 Producer DAW along with a Motu8 Pre interface,
   combined with an  assortment of Rhode, Shure, EV and Sennheiser mics.
   I have recently teamed up with Daniel Trevor who has an excellent studio at Brookvale in Sydney

Quote from Canon Sound:
"Greg Ohlback has been a succesfull recording engineer since the mid 80's where he ran Northside Recordings. There he recorded many local bands including  pre-production for 'Moving Pictures', and quickly earned a reputation for getting great results.
 Greg has continued to record for many artists and in 2013 received a prestigious 'Australian Blues Chain Award' for Producer of the Year for he and his wife Liza's album "Trouble Goin Down".
              Gregs talent comes to the fore with a great ear and excellent work flow skills, being able to produce great music in a limited time.
 He is also a professional drummer, and having recorded his own drums for many years he can produce one of the best drum sounds you could hear.
                                                                               Radio stations continue to describe his work as World Class.
                                                     Greg also has produced many videos, and his audio/video work is recognised all over the world."
To have a listen visit his YouTube page:

   Apart from recording albums with Liza, most of my clients are solo artists who build there songs themselves, and often use me for drumming and or  bass/guitar parts if required.  Send me a note if you are interested to talk further about your recording project. My email address is: gohlback@gmail.com

To hear some samples of my recordings  

  Click HERE to go to Liza Ohlbacks Music - Albums I have produced